During my visit to the auto repair shop yesterday, I noticed some of the cars in the lot from a 1992 VW Golf to the legendary 1963 Chevy Impala. Reminded me of a post on Viget’s blog about Cars and Operating systems. Geeks that like their computers or gadgets and express some personality via their cars fascinate me.

VW from Flick User -= FUNKATRONIK =-

The question I had, however, was that if a geek were to go for current design, technology, and performance over nostalgia which maker/car would he/she go for?

Would the Mac guys stick with Der Autos i.e Volkswagen, Audi or BWM or is there an automotive company/product that fits the Apple/Mac model more closely?

As for the Windows or Linux OS crew, what auto companies would they raid. What car would they consider to represent their OS? What car would YOU go for?

Photo from flickr user -= FUNKATRONIK =-